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Introduction to Making Sekanjabin


Sekanjabin is an ancient Persian or Arabic drinking syrup made by combining water, sugar, vinegar, and herbs or spices. It is mentioned in several period documents including Fihrist of al-Nadim published in the 10th century. It is considered a medicinal beverage in period, and was used to treat or cure many ailments.

Period Recipes

Andalusian p. A-74 Take a ratl of strong vinegar and mix it with two ratls of sugar, and cook all this until it takes the form of a syrup. Drink an ûqiya of this with three of hot water when fasting: it is beneficial for fevers of jaundice, and calms jaundice and cuts the thirst, since sikanjabîn syrup is beneficial in phlegmatic fevers: make it with six ûqiyas of sour vinegar for a ratl of honey and it is admirable.

Making Sekanjabin


  • 1 cup of White Wine Vinegar (I use Star brand)
  • Handful of mint
  • 4 cups of sugar.
  • Clean container


Dissolve the sugar in 2 1/2 cups of water.
After the sugar solution comes to a boil, add the 1 cup of vinegar.
Continue to simmer/boil for 30-45 minutes.
Remove from heat and add the mint.
Allow to cool and filter into a clean container.

I typically use 1-2 tbsp per 16oz of water, it does dissolve a little bit slowly so make sure to stir well.