Batch #9 - Kellerbier Parti-Gyle (Small Beer)

Philip de Greylonde published on
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This is a partigyle small beer made form the spent grains of kellerbier batches #6 and #7.


I heated 3.5 gallons of water to 175F and did a third batch sparge on both of the kellerbiers resulting in around 7ish gallons of runoff.


  • Cascade .3 oz (6.3%) - 75 min
  • US Fuggle .4oz (4.9%) - 75 min
  • Czech Saaz 1oz whole leaf (3.6%) - 15 min

Brewday Notes

I ran out of time to finish this brew on the same day, so the wort sat in the kettle overnight before being boiled the next day.

I am estimating the hop additions based on the SG and estimated OG to get an appropriate bitterness level. I am also using leftover hops that were in my brewing freezer.


This will be fermented with bottle-harvested Norwegian Kviek yeast. I grew a 1L starter from the dregs of 3 different beers that used a Norwegian Kviek yeast. I don't know which strains are being used.

This yeast really thrives in heat, so this will be fermented in the warmest closet in my house.

After about 2 weeks, I split the batch into 3. 1.5 gallons was racked onto local peaches, 1.5 gallons onto overly ripe pineapple, and 2 gallons were left alone.

Racking smallbier

Smallbier on fruit

Refractometer Readings

SG: 1.015

OG: 1.021


Tasting Notes

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