Batch #8 - Brett Kellerbier

Philip de Greylonde published on
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This is a simple kellerbier that is a trial run for a period German feast that I will be brewing some beer for next year, this is the second batch that will have a very very faint hint of oak.



  • German Pilsner - 8#
  • Munich II - 3.75#
  • Melanoidin - .25#


  • Hallertau - 1.50oz 75 min
  • Hallertau - 1 oz 15 min


  • Imperial Yeast - Kaiser
  • WLP648 Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois Vrai (added at kegging)

Brewday Notes

Mashed with 4.5 gallons at 168F, after 1.25 hours of mashing the temp was 151F

Sparged with 4.1 gallons at 184F resulting in 172F mashout.

Boiled for 90 minutes to prevent DMS from the high amount of pilsner malt.


This will be fermented in my cellar and likely served early as was traditional. I am fermenting in plastic fermenters with an airlock, rather than in a cask without a bung for sanitary and frugality reasons

Refractometer Readings

OG: 1.051


Tasting Notes

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