Batch #7 - Kellerbier

Philip de Greylonde published on
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This is a simple period-esque kellerbier that is a trial run for a historical German feast that I will be brewing beer for next year. This is a plain version and will be fermented in my cellar.



  • German Pilsner - 8#
  • Munich II - 3.75#
  • Melanoidin - .25#


  • Hallertau (4.1%) 1.5 oz @ 75 min
  • Hallertau (4.1%) 1 oz @ 15 min


  • Imperial Yeast - Kaiser

Brewday Notes

Outdoor temperature was around 45F at the start of the brewday. Factoring this in led to a strike temp of 169.5F.

4.5 gallons of filtered water was used for the initial mash. Due to running errands that took longer than expected, this beer had a 2 hr mash at 156F ending at 150F.

I sparged with 4.1 gallons at 183F to get a mash-out of 170F.

Boil was started, gas ran out about 5 minutes after hot break. I stopped, got more gas and restarted the 90 minute boil clock.


This will be fermented in my cellar and likely served early as was traditional. I am fermenting in plastic fermenters with an airlock, rather than in a cask without a bung for sanitary and frugality reasons.

01/07/19 - Added 100mL of my house brett blend slurry (8+ brett strains)

Refractometer Readings

SG: 1.038

OG: 1.060


Tasting Notes

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