Batch #5 - Coffee Rye Oatmeal Stout

Philip de Greylonde published on
2 min, 289 words

This is a fairly simple, uncomplicated Oatmeal Stout whose recipe is adapted from one stolen from HomeBrewTalk.



  • US 2-Row 7#
  • Flaked Oats 1#
  • Victory Malt 12oz
  • Pale Chocolate Malt 10oz
  • Flaked Barley 8oz
  • Black Barley (stout) 8oz
  • Crystal 75 8oz
  • Chocolate Malt (Rye) 2oz


  • 2oz Williamette [4.8%] (60min)


  • Wyeast British Ale II

Brewday Notes

The grainbill called for Marris Otter, but my shop was out so I swapped for US 2-row. They also were out of Chocolate Malt, so I swapped in Chocolate Rye Malt.

4.675 gallons of mash water at a strike temp of 172.5.

Initial mash temp was unstable, waited 5 minutes for a reading after adding 1.5 liters of cold water. 155.5 after 10 minutes of rest.

Mash in at 1340, mash out at 1455.

Mash out temp 153.5F

Boil reached at 1600. 2oz of Williamette hops added at 60min.

Boil-off was way higher than expected resulting in an overly high OG.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 1.050

OG: 1.062

FG: 1.031 (1.014 corrected)

ABV: 6.54%

Tasting Notes

10/29 Kegged and started force carbonating. I had forgotten that Halloween was 2 days away and that people were wanting to drink this beer, so I will be force carbing at a high PSI and shaking the keg regularly.

10/31 The beer is pretty well carbonated now, the issue is that the rye is coming through too much and is a bit distracting. The beer is still very drinkable, just next time I will not include the rye.

11/10 I added 48oz of cold brewed coffee to it, and this has fully resolved the issue of the rye being too dominant. The beer is now balanced, and incredibly drinkable.