Batch #20 - Tart Wit

brewing sour witbier mixed fermentation lactobacillus

This is a simple Witbier soured with lactobacillus during primary fermentation.






Water Modifications

Brewday Notes

Outside temperature is 63F so my heating calculations will need to be adjusted.

Heated 15L of water to 128.7F for a 15 minute protein rest.

Protein rest started at 1900.

Heated 4L of water to boiling and slowly added to mash to bring temperature to 158F.

Added to mash at 1917, however, the mash only raised to 137F, heating an additional 5L of water to boiling.

Added the 5L to the mash at 1927, mash temperature raised to 146.6F.

The mash has now essentially become a step-mash with rests at protein, proteinase, beta-amylase, and alpha-amylase rests. (You can read more about step-mashing in this article from BYO

Added another 3.5L of boiling water at 1937 to hit 151F (calling that good enough). The mash will rest here for 45 min.

Sparging with 7.5L of water at 167F for 15min.

Fire lit for boil at 2115.

Boil started at 2130.

.18oz of Magnum added at 2145

Added the last two .2oz hop additions as well as the wort chiller at 2245.

Add .1oz coriander seed and .3oz sweet orange peel at 5 min.

Flame out at 2300.

Chilling wort to just under 100F and pitching L. Brevis and L. Delbrueckii

Pitched Lacto at 0045.

Pitched WLP400 at 1145 on 4/1/2019


06/01/2019 - Dumped this batch due to a spoilage organism infection that caused substantial off-flavors.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 8.4 Brix (1.032 G)

OG: 10.4 Brix (1.040 G)


Tasting Notes

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