Batch #19 - Russian Imperial Stout

Philip de Greylonde published on
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This is a an adaptation of a recipe for a Russian Imperial Stout from HomeBrewTalk.



  • US Pale 2-Row - 17lbs
  • Roasted Barley - 1.5lbs
  • Special B - 1lb
  • Chocolate Malt - .75lb
  • Carapils/Dextrine Malt - .5lb


  • Challenger (5.1% AA) - 4oz 60min
  • Simcoe (13.6% AA) - .5oz 60min
  • EKG (6% AA) - 2oz 30min


  • White Labs WLP002s - (1L starter)

Brewday Notes

29L of mash water at 162.5F

Mash started at 1720. Mash temperature at 1725 is 153F.

Mashout at 1835, with a mash temperature of 151F.

Sparged with 15L of 171F water.

Started wort boiling at 1915, this will be along boil in 2 parts due to the large volume to boil down to reach the correct OG.

Boil reached at 1920, slowly adding more wort into the boil until I hit the correct volume.

Still boiling to reach initial boil volume at 2100.

Hops added at 2105, 60 minute boil timer started.

Second hop addition at 2135.

Wort chiller added at 2150.

Yeast nutrient added at 2155.

Heat cut and water started through wort chiller at 2205.

This will be allowed to cool overnight and will be put into the fermenter on Jan 22nd, due to it being too late to deal with.


1/22/2019 - Yeast pitched at 10PM at 60F.

1/23/2019 - Very active fermentation already at 9AM.

1/28/2019 - Krausen has dropped and visible signs of fermentation have ended. After 3-4 more weeks in primary, I will rack it into a glass carboy for 9 months of bulk aging before bottling. Gravity has dropped to 13.2 Brix (1.028)

2/12/2019 - Racked to a glass carboy for the next 6 months of secondary aging. Approximately 4 gallons of finished beer was racked off the trub.

Refractometer Readings

Preboil SG: 16 brix (1.063)

Prehop SG: 19.4 brix (1.077)

OG: 22.4 brix (1.090)


Tasting Notes

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