Batch #17 - Citra + Strata Pale Ale

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This is a simple American Pale Ale hopped with Citra and Strata.





Brewday Notes

Pre-heated mashtun with 3 gallons of water at 170F for 40 minutes.

Mash in with 4.7 gallons at 170.4F (outdoor temperature is 35F). Goal mash is 60 mins at 152F.

Mashed in at 1233.

Mash temp at 1238 is 159F, adding 1.25L of 40F water. Temperature after 3 minutes was 150.5F (close enough).

Mash temp is 148F at 1345.

Mashing-out for 10 minutes with 2L of boiling water.

Sparging with 2.65 gallons at 175F. Started sparging at 1415.

Wort heat started at 1435.

Boil reached at 1450. Because of some unfortunate issues with the grain bed not settling, I got a lot mash debris into the wort. Due to this, I scrapped a lot of the initial foam during hot break off with a screen from a wort strainer.

Heat cut off at 1550. Temp down to 100F at 1620. 78F at 1635.


Fermentation will be at 64F for 3-4 days before I dry-hop for another 3 days. My goal is to have this kegged and carbonated in 11 days.

01/04/19 - Fermented down to 6.8 Brix or 1.006 gravity with alcohol correction.

01/07/19 - Added the dryhops.

01/11/19 - Beer has been kegged and put under 18psi at 54F to carbonate.

01/11/19 - Washed the yeast to re-use it in a future batch of beer.

Refractometer Readings

SG: 12.2 Brix (1.049)

OG: 14.8 Brix (1.060)

FG: 7 Brix (1.009)

ABV: 6.76%

Tasting Notes

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