Batch #16 - Yeast Class Beers Round 1

Philip de Greylonde published on
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This is modified version of the base beer for Snorkel from Jester King. This beer will be split into 4-5 different fermenters and each will be pitched with a different wild yeast.



  • Heidelberg Pilsner – 2.75 lbs
  • White Wheat Malt – 1.5 lbs
  • White Wheat – 1 lb


  • US Golding - .5 oz – 60 min – 4.5% AA (~9-10 IBU)


  • Batch 1 - Simonaikis Lithuanian
  • Batch 2 - Framgarden Kviek
  • Batch 3 - Brett C
  • Batch 4 - Brett B
  • Batch 5 - Nottingham

Brewday Notes

Mash will hopefully be at 150F. This will also be a 90 minute boil due to the amount of pilsner malt in the mash, this is to prevent DMS (Dimethyl Sulfide tastes like creamed or canned corn, and is not wanted in most beers) in the final beer.

I pre-heated the mash tun with 2 gallons of 175F water for 30 minutes while the strike water was heating.

Strike water is 1.75 gallons at 164.6F (outside temperature is 51F). Mash started at 1355.

Mash temp is 150.8 at 1400.

Mash temp is 141 at 1450.

Adding 1L of boiling water to raise mash temp for a 154F at 1445.

Added 2L of boiling water to raise mash temp for another rest at 1455.

Sparge started at 1515.

Mash-out with 23.25L at 169F at 1520.

Sparged out at 1535.

Boil reached at 1610.

Propane tank died and was replaced at 1615.

Hops added at 1650.

Wort chiller and yeast nutrient added at 1735.

Flameout at 1751.


The beers will all be fermented at 67F for about 9 weeks before bottling (I never bottle, but this is for a class).

Refractometer Readings

SG: 5.6 brix

OG: 8.1 brix (1.032)


Tasting Notes

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