Batch #10 & #11 - Apfelwein

Philip de Greylonde published on
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I made a double batch of Apfelwein from a local fresh-pressed apple juice.



  • 2 gallons fresh-pressed apple cider
  • .75lbs corn sugar


  • Red Star - Cote de Blanc

Brewday Notes

This is a super simple recipe and preparation. I just sanitized a 3 gallon fermenter, added the apple juice and sugar, and then pitched yeast.


This will remain in primary for about 1-2 months, and then will go into secondary for another 1-2 months before kegging. I will be keeping this at a very low serving only pressure so that it remains nearly still.

Refractometer Readings

OG: 1.051 (before sugar addition)


Tasting Notes

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